Gençler Mermer Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş. was established in Iscehisar district of Afyonkarahisar in 1988, we continue our activities with Sultan Beige quarries in Antalya Korkuteli, Bianco White in Bursa Mustafakemalpaşa, Red Travertine in Kütahya Altıntaş, Viola Violette, Savoie Blue and Mont Blanc in Afyonkarahisar İscehisar. Our factory is built on a total area of 100.000 m2 and consists of a closed area of 21.000 m2. Equipped with modern Turkish and Italian technology, our factory has 3 Gang Saw, 1 Epoxy Line, 1 Slab Polishing Line, 3 Bridge Cutter, 6 SD (Saw Disc) machines, 3 Polishing Line and Trimming lines, as well as the blocks produced in our quarries, in addition, we process the blocks produced in various colors and in various quarries in Turkey at world standards and deliver them to all over the world.

Our story, which started with only one splitting machine, continues today with one of the most modern marble factories in the world and marble quarries with unique colors. Our company, which has not compromised on the principle of customer satisfaction in the past 35 years, has reached today with its investments in the sector. We are proud to continue our activities with our more than 200 employees and the power we derive from you.

Our Vision

To be your reliable business partner and competitive in the market in the marble sector with our experience and world-class products.

Our Mission

To live together With you in the happiness of success as the family of "Gencler Marble", always waving our flag at the top by improving our quality constantly and to be a determining factor in the quality standards of the sector in our newly established modern, human-focused, eco friendly with our target to be zero waste facility.

Board of Directors



We, the hardworking family of "Gencler Marble" are discipline-free and connected with passion for work. our basic principles are to win in the framework of ethical rules, compliance with the law and to be loyalty to our traditions.

  • Our permanent goal is not to harm the environment by providing a healthy and safe working environment for our employees during all the production work we do. Let's not forget that the most valuable gift is to leave the new generation a livable environment.
  • Our primary duty is to protect the rights of our employees, our customers and our suppliers.
  • Our priority goal at our company is to reach the highest quality in all fields. For this purpose we always invest in human by providing with the necessary training and knowledge skills.
  • Protection of company resources and efficient use are from our basic principles.
  • Transferring our brand to new generations and to use our time well is our goal.
  • Goal; always looking for innovation without sacrificing principles and progress by constantly improving ourselves.

Starting with only a splitting machine we became one of the most modern marble factories in the world and we continue with marble quarries. Over the past quarter century our company which does not compromise from customer satisfaction has come to the present day with investments made in the sector more than 300 employees. We are proud of walking on this difficult road with the power we have received from you.

İrfan Çelikten